Discoveries In Geography I (Children's Discovery System, Cartridge) Mattel Electronics - 1981 USA, Canada Release

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Discoveries In Geography I
Product ID MATEL0040
Manufacturer # 3732
Platform(s) Children's Discovery System
Packaging Retail Box
Media Cartridge
Copyright date 1981
Publisher(s) Mattel Electronics
Category(s) Education, Geography, World Geography
Recommended age(s) 6-11
Country of Origin Philippines

Description from the packaging.

  • Mystery Nation
  • Geo-Facts
  • Odd Nation Out
  • Info-Nations

This learning fun module contains one Discoveries in Geography I cartridge, plastic keyboard overlay, and Activity Book with instructions.

Discoveries in Geography I Learning Fun Module

How big is Brazil? What's the average income in India? How many people live in China? If we want to understand our neighbors around the world, we need to know about the countries in which they live. Discoveries in Geography I will help you learn exciting facts about many faraway places... and some that are close to home. (Do you know how much food the United States produces?) Three challenging games and a "fact file" make learning easy and, best of all, fun! Play by yourself or ask a friend to join. You'll both be world-wise before you know it!

  • Computer gives you clues. You decide which nation fits the facts.
  • Blinking dot shows approximate location of 30 different countries on a world map.

You Get:

  • 6 Categories of facts for each country, shown on easy-to-read bar graphs. Categories include continent location, population, area (size), income, food production and energy sufficiency.
  • 3 Different games and a "fact file" that lets you review information about each country.
  • Computer scoring that shows how well you are doing.
  • Your choice of 1 or 2-player game for Mystery Nation.
  • More things to know, maps to see, and games to play in the Discoveries in Geography I Activity Book.

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Children's Discovery System

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