Different Drummer (Mac, 3 1/2" Disk) Primera Software - 1988 USA, Canada Release

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Different Drummer
Packaging cover Different Drummer.
Product ID PRIME0001
Platform(s) Mac
Media 3 1/2" Disk
Copyright date 1988
Publisher(s) Primera Software
Category(s) Music, Music Tools, Music Composition, Professional Music Composition
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Turn your Macintosh into the ultimate drum machine.

The Different Drummer Difference.
No experience required: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, Different Drummer is the difference you need to create great drum tracks- no drumming experience or education in music theory is required. Different Drummer takes full advantage of the graphics and sound environment of the Macintosh to make breakthroughs in both power and simplicity in rhythm composition.

Jam and explore the possibilities:
Different Drummer's flexibility enables you to easily explore the many possibilities of rhythm composition. When playing any pattern the Mac keyboard becomes your drum set, allowing you to experiment with accents, drum rolls and fills. Turn on Record and your inspirations are saved forever. In the Jam window (not shown) load in patterns and click on their icons in the order you want to hear them.

  • Control Palette: allows you to play, stop, or record, select the note type, accent, and more.
  • Instrument and Tempo: Choose the time signature and tempo. Select your instruments from an expanded library of over 30 professionally sampled sounds, or include your own.
  • Pattern Editing: Editing is as easy as "point and click." Select a note type and place it in a cell on the row of the desired instrument or use the Mac keyboard as your drum pads. Experiment freely: try different note values, use triplets, substitute instruments, or change accents to get just the right sound.
  • Song Window: To compose a song, open a song window and read in the desired patterns. The patterns are displayed as icons, connected from left to right. Play the song to hear it. Change the order by dragging icons. Repeat sections with the looping tool. If you decide after listening to a song you want a different feel, Different Drummer allows you to edit any pattern in the song window. Simply double click the pattern you wish to edit, make your changes and return to the song window.

Features for Beginners

  • Familiar Macintosh interface makes composing drum tracks possible for anyone
  • Jam feature allows drum beat composition using the Mac keyboard
  • Macintosh sound output capability allows sound via your stereo
  • Large expandable library of songs, patterns and sampled instruments
  • Reads most popular Macintosh sampler formats (Sound Designer, SoundCap, and SoundEdit)

Features for Serious Musicians

  • Output to MIDI File Format (for compatibility with sequencers)
  • Drives multiple MIDI instruments and devices
  • MIDI velocity control
  • 256th Note resolution
  • Triplets, quintuplets, and seven-tuplets
  • Nine levels of standard accenting/velocity
  • Over forty time signatures
  • Patterns can be over 100 measures long
  • Graphical, nested song loops
  • Tempo changes within songs
  • Edit patterns by themselves, or within songs or jams
  • Quantization of real time Mac keyboard input

Designed by Gregory Simons
Written by David Vasquez

System Requirements

Required CPU Mac Plus
Required RAM 512K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Different Drummer. Retail Box back Different Drummer.



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