Dennis (CD32, CD-ROM) Ocean Software - 1993 European Release

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Packaging cover Dennis.
Product ID 013156-710070
Product EAN 5013156710070
Platform(s) CD32
Packaging Retail Box
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1993
Publisher(s) Ocean Software
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Language(s) English, French, German
Country of Origin United Kingdom

Description from the packaging.

Here Comes Trouble!

Yipes! Grab your slingshot, water pistol and pea-shooter. Margaret, the fist-fighting, doll-toting little miss dynamite, and Joey, Dennis' wimpy but loyal friend, are missing and so is Mr. Wilson's valuable coin collection. Can you sneak into Mr. Wilson's house and find your slingshot and pea-shooter without being spotted?

You've got rope ladders to climb and hidden switches to find... it's going to be tough. You're gonna need those weapons bad as you face off with the beastly Betty Sue Dubrovski, the crazed Coach, the foul Fish and Sam... the scariest of them all. On this late-night escapade, bees, bulldogs, birds, frogs and even bunnies will be a menace to Dennis. Finding Joey, Margaret and Mr. Wilson's coin collection will be an adventure more harrowing than a garden full of cheek pinchers, and you know what Mr. Wilson says, "that's no g. d. (gosh darn) joke."

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Retail Box cover Dennis. Retail Box back Dennis.



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