Daedalus Encounter, The (PC, CD-ROM) Virgin Interactive Entertainment - 1995 USA, Canada Release

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Daedalus Encounter, The
Product ID 52145-83047
Product UPC 052145830479
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1995
Publisher(s) Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Category(s) Entertainment, Adventure
Recommended age(s) 13+
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Voyage with Tia Carrere (Wayne's World, True Lies) through a deep space adventure of cold-blooded killers and hot-blooded combat in an interactive thriller that plays as smooth as it looks.

In the cold dark heart of a ravaged galaxy, a scavenger ship is being dragged at warp speed toward the scorching center of an alien sun. No one can alter its collision course. No one can save its crew.

Except maybe you. As Casey, you walk the line between man and machine- an interstellar war vet whose consciousness is kept alive in a powerful mechanical device. Now you must rely on brain over brawn, mind over matter to save your old war comrades. Ari (Carrere) and Zack (Christian Bocher) from involuntary solar cremation.

With limited time and multiple options, you'll master mysterious 3-D mazes, solve otherworldly puzzles, fend off vicious alien Krinn and fight to save your life. It's a riveting sci-fi odyssey that's as drop-dead gorgeous as it is all-out deadly.

  • Mega star power: Tia Carrere (True Lies, Wayne's World) and Christian Bocher (Comedy Central's Limboland).
  • Navigable QuickTime.
  • Over two hours of live action video.
  • Hyper-real 3-D environments.
  • 3 Levels of increasing difficulty and multiple endings based on your gameplay.
  • 3 CDs of sci-fi adventure, complex puzzle solving, alien spacecraft exploration and shooting gameplay.
  • Original music from Her House and legendary performance artist Ronnie Montrose.
  • Windows-based for easy installation and interface.

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 486-33
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 4MB Free
Required CD Speed 2X
Required Audio 8-bit sound card
Supported Video Vesa SVGA
Vesa SVGA Hi-Color

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