Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 (PC, 3 1/2" Disk and 5 1/4" Disk) Electronic Arts - 1989 USA, Canada Release

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Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0
Product ID 14633-03384
Product UPC 014633033847
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media 3 1/2" Disk and 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1989
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation, Flight Simulator
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

"You're pushed back in your seat as the engine gives you a tremendous kick in the butt. You pull your nose up and hold on as you take off like a bullet for the dark part of the sky. The only sound you hear is the instrumentation and yourself breathing…

Man, What a Ride!" -General Chuck Yeager

Push the edge of the envelope:

  • 18 Aircraft with accurate aerodynamics and realistic 3-D modeled graphics. Spads, P-51's, F-18's, X-19's, the Space Shuttle… the FY-117A real stealth fighter!
  • Unlimited camera angles plus zooms, pans, shadows and under-the-belly fly-bys add drama to your maneuvers.
  • Six race courses including the famous Reno Unlimited. Compete against your own best flights or challenge your friends.
  • Master daredevil aerobatics like Immelmanns, Hammerhead Stalls and Four Point Rolls.
  • Join the Blue Angles or Thunderbirds. Perform Diamond 360's and Line Abreast Loops.
  • All new realistic terrain lets you buzz the tower, or risk hair-raising canyon-runs.
  • Night flying adds to the thrill with real constellations.

Personal Instruction The Yeager Way:

  • Flying Insights audio tape by Chuck Yeager. He leads you through AFT, sharing tips and white-knuckle experiences. Better than any manual!
  • Yeager's on-screen guidance coaches you through basic to advanced maneuvers in his Six Day Flight School. Easier than any book learnin'!

Follow Yeager's cursor, instrument settings and instructions on a couple of landings and you'll set her down right every time.

Hug the ground at 50 feet, pull 8 G's around the pylon and streak full-throttle for home.

Screaming toward earth at supersonic speed, you're a breath away from drilling a hole. In test piloting, the real hero is the one who survives.

Every pilot's dream: to watch a flight from every possible angle… while flying slot with the Thunderbirds.

System Requirements

Required CPU XT 8088/8086
Required RAM 512K
Recommend Joystick Yes
Supports Mouse Yes
Supported Video CGA
Hercules Monochrome

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