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Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard

The HP 95LX (also known as Project Jaguar) was the first MS-DOS pocket computer or personal digital assistant, introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1991.

The HP 95LX has an NEC V20 CPU (an Intel 8088 clone) and can not be considered completely PC-compatible because of its quarter-CGA resolution LCD screen. It runs Microsoft's MS-DOS version 3.22 and has Lotus 1-2-3 built in. Other software in read-only memory (ROM) included a calculator, an appointment calendar, a telecommunications program, and a simple text editor. It also includes a CR 2025 lithium coin cell for memory backup when the two AA main batteries run out. For mass storage the HP95LX had a single PCMCIA slot which could hold a static RAM card (which had its own back-up coin cell). An RS-232 compatible serial port was provided, as well as an infrared port for printing on compatible models of Hewlett Packard printers.[1] In character mode the display shows 16 lines of 40 characters and is not back-lit.


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