Bioforge (PC, CD-ROM) Origin Systems - 1995 USA, Canada Release

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Product ID 17814-10083
Product UPC 017814100833
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1995
Publisher(s) Origin Systems
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Recommended age(s) 17+
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Take the starring role in Origin's latest interactive movie.

Centuries in the future, a madman's interstellar plot is set in motion and only you have the skills, the position and the armament to stop it. You are the Mondites' first success in creating the perfect warrior.

Stripped of memory and enhanced with both human and alien technology, you are a primary element of their master plan- unless you can re-discover who you are, uncover your enemies' plans and make your break for freedom. But you'd better be quick- time and opportunity are running out.

  • Variable identity outcomes- your choices throughout the game determine your former identity from a list of experimental subjects.
  • Lifelike, fluid animation with 24 powerful combat maneuvers.
  • Interactive backgrounds- from ground-to-air weapons to monitors and projectile-reflective surfaces.
  • 8-channel digital sound effects, cued by distance and camera location.
  • 3-D, texture-mapped synthetic actors who's images actually show the injuries suffered in combat.
  • Multiple camera angles and beautifully rendered alien environments.

System Requirements

Required CPU 486-50
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 5MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Rec. Hard Drive 29
Required Audio AdLib
SoundBlaster Pro
SoundBlaster 16
SoundBlaster AWE32
MPU-401 General MIDI
Supported Video VGA 256 Color

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