Bible Lands, Bible Stories (VIS, CD-ROM) Tandy/Radio Shack - 1992 USA, Canada Release

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Bible Lands, Bible Stories
Packaging cover Bible Lands, Bible Stories.
Product ID TANDY0065
Manufacturer # 25-6157
Platform(s) VIS
Packaging Retail Box
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1992
Publisher(s) Tandy/Radio Shack
Developer(s) Context Systems
Category(s) Reference, Religious Reference
Recommended age(s) 4+
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Watch exciting stories from the Holy Lands come alive in full color with Bible Lands, Bible Stories.

  • Learn all about Noah and his ark!
  • See the angel appear to the shepherds at Jesus' birth.

Send your kids on the trip of their lives- across the years, across the seas- to a place where they'll see wonders worked, find adventures on every road, and hear stories that are as old as time itself!

Bible Lands, Bible Stories is your passport to the place where history began- the Holy Lands. Visit Egypt, and see Pharaoh force a showdown with the God of Moses. Travel the Euphrates valley, and hear the thunder crack as the rains pour down on Noah's ark. Or stand in a field outside Bethlehem and watch as a heavenly light bathes the shepherds on that first Christmas eve.

Oh, yes, also included is an animated timeline so kids- and their parents- can figure out which Bible events came first- just choose a land and a story, then an ancient boatman will ferry you up or down "the river of time" until you reach the right year!

Bible Lands, Bible Stories is filled with dozens of exciting animations and sound effects, hundreds of original illustrations and over seventy of the most beloved Bible stories, all told by a company of master storytellers. Adam and Eve... Noah's Ark... the 10 Commandments... Daniel in the Lions Den... the Nativity- they're all here- stories and tales which form the bedrock of our civilization, and which continue to shape our lives even today!

Bible Lands, Bible Stories- it's your ticket to hours of enrichment, excitement, and just plain fun!

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