Star Reach (PC, 1.44MB 3 1/2" Disk) Interplay Productions - 1994 USA, Canada Release

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Star Reach
Product ID 40421-09050
Product UPC 040421090501
Platform(s) PC
Media 1.44MB 3.5" Disk
Copyright date 1994
Publisher(s) Interplay Productions
Category(s) Entertainment, Strategy
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The ultimate game of strategic conquest. You're the Commander-In-Chief on a quest to conquer and colonize alien worlds. But first you must overcome hostile climate conditions, cunning enemies and make tactical decisions... All at the speed of light. Because in a real-time universe, there's a fine line between galactic success and dismal failure.

Timid Commanders need not apply. Star Reach will take every ounce of bravery and intelligence you can summon. Conquer planets, utilize alien resources and overcome an infinite number of obstacles with brilliant strategic thinking.

Capture a mineral-based planet, build a domed-city... Every move you make combines rapid decision-making with real-time action. Reap the rewards of careful planning or pay handsomely for your mistakes. The fate of the galaxy rests with you.

  • Engage in real-time, simultaneous action against the computer or oppose another humanoid in a slip-screen dual.
  • Control the economic evolution of the galaxy as you match planetary production to each world's unique resources.
  • Be challenged by state-of-the-art strategy with 3-D ray-traced ships, digitized speech and thundering 4-channel sound effects.
  • Experience the incredible power of 32-bit programming!
  • Information-packed screens detail target planets while galactic map screens help you gauge your next strategic move.
  • Multiple alien races and scenarios allow you an infinite number of gaming possibilities.

System Requirements

Required CPU 386-40
Required RAM 4MB
Req. Hard Drive 8MB Free
Supports Mouse Yes
Supports Joystick Yes
Supported Audio SoundBlaster
SoundBlaster Pro
SoundBlaster 16
ProAudio Spectrum
Gravis UltraSound
AdLib Gold
Supported Video VGA

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Technical Notes