Design To Print (PC, 5 1/4" Disk) DesignWare - 1987 USA, Canada Release

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Design To Print
Product ID BRITT0001
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1987
Publisher(s) DesignWare
Category(s) Productivity, Desktop Publishing
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

At last, everything from design to print... in one program!

The home publishing program that does it all.

Graphics power for anything you create-

  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Greeting Cards
  • Certificates
  • Posters
  • Flyers

And much more...

Design To Print (D.T.P.)
This complete home publishing program gives you a more powerful way to say anything. By combining type and graphics in attractive layouts, you can give every word more impact. Design To Print turns your computer and printer into a personal design and print shop, where great results are quick and easy.

The Most Flexible Personal Publisher Yet
With Design To Print, you won't need a shelf full of software to create terrific graphics. Design To Print lets you do greeting cards, newsletters, certificates, banners, stationery, or anything that strikes your fancy. And you won't need to learn a new program for each creation.

The Right Type Style Makes Your Words More Effective
Use emphatic type for headlines, elegant type for certificates, easy-to-read type for text: pick from over 20 type styles, in your choice of sizes. With Design To Print, what you see is what you get- you know from the first word how your finished work will look.

Add Picture Power to All Your Work
You don't have to be an artist to add great graphics. With Design To Print, you can just cut, paste and scale electronic clip art for any occasion. Choose from sports, action, transportation, flowers, holidays, maps, or any of the dozens of other ready-to-use illustrations.

Create You Own Clip Art
Design To Print's lines, circles, squares, and background patterns let you draw pictures and add graphic touches. Or select from 15 different borders to set your work off with flair.

Flexible Formats for All Your Communications
Start with Design To Print's sample formats and modify them to create anything from banners and posters to newsletters and greeting cards. Or create your own formats... the possibilities are endless.

Get outstanding results from your printer, Print banners. Print posters up to 17" x 22" in sections that tape together easily.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
Design To Print's simple, icon-based menu shows the tools at your command. Pick one, then go to work. Use your keyboard or a mouse, whichever you prefer.

The user's guide provides a complete reference and shows you, step-by-step, how to create a banner, stationery, a newsletter, and more. The tutorial disk introduces you to all the features of the program.

System Requirements

PC MS-DOS 2.11
Required CPU XT 8088/8086

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