Whiplash (PC, CD-ROM) Interplay Productions - 1995 USA, Canada Release

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Product ID 40421-13515
Product UPC 040421135158
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1995
Publisher(s) Interplay Productions
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade, Racing, Automobile
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Sit down, strap in and hang on for a tire squealing , fender crunching, stunt racing duel to the death!

Fly around mind-bending hairpin turns, scale unbelievable giant loops, crank through neck-wrenching corkscrews, launch off hard-core jumps and feel the G-force as you run your rivals off the road.

Whiplash's ultra-sophisticated computer Al makes for intense solo play but the competition really heats up when up to 16 live players (via network or modem) vie for the flag. What's more, a built-in communications system beings team play to life as partners plot strategy right in the heat of battle.

On these tracks, the action comes hard, fast and from all angles. Put those boring ovals back on the shelf and entrust your real racing passions to Whiplash- it'll knock you for a loop.

System Requirements

Required CPU 486-66
Required RAM 8MB
Required CD Speed 2X
Supports Joystick Yes
Supported Audio SoundBlaster
SoundBlaster Pro
SoundBlaster 16
SoundBlaster AWE32
Supported Video VGA 256 Color
Supported Network IPX/SPX 16 Player
Null Modem 2 Player
Modem 2 Player (14,400k bps or faster)

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