Virtua Fighter 2/Virtua Cop/Daytona USA (Sega Saturn, CD-ROM) Sega - 1996 USA, Canada Release (NFR)

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Virtua Fighter 2/Virtua Cop/Daytona USA
Packaging cover Virtua Fighter 2/Virtua Cop/Daytona USA.
Product ID 10086-81606
Product UPC 010086816068
Platform(s) Sega Saturn
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1996
Publisher(s) Sega
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Recommended age(s) 13+
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Virtua Fighter 2
The superior 3D arcade fighting game.

  • Thoroughly enhanced realistic animation of each character, from the extraordinary arcade hit with double the resolution and double the speed!
  • Contains over 1,200 radical moves from the arcade hit, unique moves and power plays for each character.

Virtua Cop
You're a cop.
Putting your life on the line is your job.
Staying alive is your challenge.

  • First person perspective and constantly changing/zooming 3-D graphics, put you right in the middle of all the heart-pounding action!
  • It's basically shoot or be shot as dirt bags pop out of virtually everywhere armed with guns, grenades and hostages!

Daytona USA
Explosive 3D racing second to none!

  • Realistic stock car control with drafting, controlled braking, 4 wheel drifts and skillful acceleration.
  • 3 Challenging tracks demand total control and intense concentration.
  • 4 Dynamic driving perspectives.

System Requirements

Sega Saturn

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Virtua Fighter 2/Virtua Cop/Daytona USA. Retail Box back Virtua Fighter 2/Virtua Cop/Daytona USA.



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