Lords Of The Realm II (PC, CD-ROM) Sierra - 1996 USA, Canada Release

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Lords Of The Realm II
Product ID 20626-83710
Product UPC 020626837101
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1996
Publisher(s) Sierra
Category(s) Entertainment, Strategy
Recommended age(s) 13+
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

When the throne of England sits empty, the sword rules.

Just as all seems lost, your archers succeed. The barbarian lord's front line has fallen, but suddenly more attackers advance, and it's now clear you have underestimated their numbers. Your men are well armed with skull crushing maces, bone splitting broadswords and deadly pikes. The barbarian's poorly armed serfs are no match- still, they outnumber you seven to one- the battle can go either way. And what began as a campaign for control is now a fight for life.

Lords of the Realm II propels you into the epic conflicts and intrepid life of thirteenth century England. As one of five nobles, you manage crops, build weapons, construct a castle, and raise an army to conquer neighboring realms before they conquer you. Prepare to fight your way to the throne in the battle of your life. Because in the end, you're either king- or you're dead.

Choose the amount of involvement you want in county management- from streamlined to highly detailed- as you plan crops, raise armies, build weapons, collect taxes and trade with merchants.

Let your Steward handle county management while you concentrate on commanding real-time battles and sieges.

Numerous realms, four computer rivals and virtually endless variables make for unequaled depth of play and replayability.

Up to four players can enter the savage battle for the throne with the included modem and network support.

Deploy sword and shield, mace and crossbow, catapults and an array of authentic medieval weapons to obliterate your rivals.

Choose your castle wisely. Wood, while inexpensive, is not as strong as stone and more vulnerable to catapults attacks.

Face your rivals in a battle of strength and wit.
Repel invading forces!
Strike the offensive blow!

  • Penetrate the enemy stronghold with your battering ram.
  • Pillage villages, steal livestock and burn fields in a ruthless invasion.
  • For armor-piercing blows, keep crossbows close to the action.
  • Breach castle walls with the catapult's shattering force.
  • Send savage swordsmen over the castle wall via siege towers.
  • Crush peasant defenses with your mighty mace.
  • Powerful pikemen inside the castle can keep it from being overrun.
  • Use the mini-map to find gaps in your enemy's forces and plan troop deployment.
  • Cut invading forces down to size with lethal longbows.
  • Track the strength of your forces and strategize the best defense.
  • Give attackers a blistering welcome with cauldrons of boiling oil.
  • When victory is imminent, use the mop-up tool to finish off the enemy.

System Requirements

Required CPU 486-66
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 34MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Recommend CD Speed 4X
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video Vesa SVGA
PC Windows 95
Required CPU 486-66
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 34MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Recommend CD Speed 4X
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video Vesa SVGA
Supported Network IPX/SPX 4 Player
Modem 2 Player (14,400k bps or faster)

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