Blackthorne (PC, CD-ROM) Interplay Productions - 1994 USA, Canada Release

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Product ID 40421-13077
Product UPC 040421130771
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1994
Publisher(s) Interplay Productions
Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Vengeance. Sometimes it's the only answer. I return to my world, this dark and rotting place, to cleanse it of the evil which nests in the heart of the land and to restore my family's rightful reign.

Traveling through underground caverns and rain soaked forests, my blood boils at the sights I have beheld... renegade humans killing for food and shelter; goblin hordes marching across the land and mutant beasts enslaving my people through torture and starvation.

By my oath this evil will end.

Their violence shall be met with violence and the blood of my enemy will pool upon the Earth. The destroyers of this word will be called to answer for their deeds... and they shall know the vengeance of Kyle Blackthorne.

  • Hundreds of enemies, a maze of hidden passages and deadly force fields fill 17 action-packed levels.
  • Blast your way through enemy territory with an arsenal of hi-tech weaponry.
  • Digitized sound effects bring blood-ravaged battle scenes to an incredible new level.
  • Defy death by dodging bullets, running, jumping and climbing your way through danger.

System Requirements

Required CPU 386
Required RAM 2MB
Supported Audio AdLib
AdLib Gold
SoundBlaster Pro
Roland MT-32
Roland SCC-1
ProAudio Spectrum
Supported Video VGA 256 Color

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