Better Working Word Publisher 5.0 (PC, 5 1/4" Disk) Spinnaker - 1989 USA, Canada Release

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Better Working Word Publisher 5.0
Product ID 87659-00573
Product UPC 087659005730
Platform(s) PC
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1989
Publisher(s) Spinnaker
Category(s) Productivity, Word Processing, Word Processor
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The word processor with all the important style and layout features you need to create terrific looking documents…

  • Fonts and text styles.
  • Import graphics.
  • Page layout.
  • Columns, boxes and lines.
  • Full editing & formatting.
  • Outliner.
  • Thesaurus.
  • 100,000 Word spell corrector.

"There's no mincing words- this is one great product… more than a word processor…" - Compute's PC Magazine.

For people who write reports, newsletters, memos…

Better Working Word Publisher 5.0 is a powerful word processor with all the important style and layout features you need to create terrific looking documents. It's designed for those of you who depend on word processors for planning, writing and perfecting text, but also want to add pizzazz and snap to your work by including new fonts, columns, boxes, lines, and clip art images.

Word processing plus.
Word Publisher 5.0 has 80 word processing features including insert, delete, cut, paste, copy, headers and footers, automatic page numbering and table of contents, indenting, tabs, justification, search and replace and more! It also comes complete with a fully integrated outliner, an auto-hyphenation feature, a 100,000 word spell corrector and a thesaurus.

Style and layout too!
Word Publisher 5.0 has a wide variety of fonts, text styles, and sizes. Over 350 combinations in all! And you can mix graphics and text by bringing images from hundreds of commercially available clip art collections right into the program. Need to emphasize an important section? Simply add lines or place a box around it. Or for a newsletter style layout, use the multi-column format with up to four columns on a page.

Word Publisher 5.0 has on-screen prompts, drop down menus and context sensitive help so even less experienced users will be up and running in no time. And making text or layout changes is a breeze with "WYSIWYG" ability that lets you see all your work on-screen- so there's no guesswork involved.

The results…
Word Publisher produces professional quality pages on laser on both 9- and 24-pin dot matrix printers. And it supports over 250 printers!


Word Processing:

  • Thesaurus, Outliner and 100,000 word spell corrector.
  • Insert, delete, cut, paste, copy, center, right, justify, make headers and footers, search and replace, word count, super and subscript, soft and automatic hyphenation, directory listing.
  • Set margins, tabs and line spacing and automatically number pages.
  • Edit more than one document at a time.
  • Automatic table of contents.
  • Text styles include plain, bold, outline, underline, and italics.
  • Supports over 250 laser and 9- and 24-pin dot matrix printers.

Style and Layout:

  • Six different typefaces (plus your own resident printer fonts!).
  • Scale type from 9 to 60 point.
  • Use up to 4 standard columns of text or customize your own.
  • Create boxes in a variety of thicknesses.
  • Draw horizontal and vertical lines in several widths.
  • Import industry standard .TIFF and .PCC (.PCX) graphic files.
  • Full-time "WYSIWYG".

"…there's simply nothing else in its class for ease and quality of result." - Boston Computer Society's PC Report.

"This is a lot of program for any price…" - The San Francisco Chronicle.

"The package may carry a price tag under $100, but incorporates enough text and layout tools to bring it within reach of top word processors." - PC Publishing.

System Requirements

Required CPU XT 8088/8086
Required RAM 512K
Requires Mouse Yes
Supported Video CGA

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